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Reggie Saunders
Biography of a Soul Provider

Coming from Los Angeles, California, singer/songwriter and entertainer Reggie
Saunders sings straight from the heart. Living in a metropolitan city with so much diversity, Reggie wanted a platform to express his inner feelings through his music. Now based in Zurich, Reggie's career path is unfolding and expanding to get his voice
heard all over the globe with recordings as well as live performances. His creative style and experience encompass a wide range, from funk and soul to big
band; from pop and gospel to Latin rhythms. Being compared to legendary recording artists such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and James Brown, Reggie's strength lies on the extraordinary talent to electrify his audiences with outstanding vocal
performances and a great stage presence.
Stevie Wonder encouraged him to pursue his dream  by commenting that if his singing was as strong as his personality, he would be very successful in the music business. One has to hear Reggie Saunders's voice no more than once to realise that, indeed,
his singing is every bit as strong as his personality.

"Living life on pause, looking for the right cause,
we all need a break sometimes."
- Reggie Saunders, There Comes a Time
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